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20 Features That Scare Away Buyers

Design problems draw buyers’ attention away from a home’s best features. Don’t let out-of-date fixtures and unappealing decor cost you a sale. While some buyers may actually appreciate “vintage” features, home and design experts say these 20 features are almost always a turnoff. Bad Home Features 1. Shortage of windows or very small windows will make a home feel dark and gloomy.  Same goes for heavy curtains. 2. Homes without a garage; homes without a foyer. 3. Poorly built additions that don’t match a home’s architecture and age. Examples include sunrooms, garages converted into dens, large rooms divided into two small rooms, porches made into offices. 4. Lack of ample closet space in bedrooms, or no closet at all and no place to build one or add an armoire. 5. Dens, offices, and family rooms without built-in shelves or bookcases. 6. Old metal windows, especially one-pane, that leak a lot of heat out of the home, and waste energy. 7. Kitchens with no place to eat.  Even a small counter is better than carrying your food elsewhere for every meal. 8. Outdated bathrooms with spotted bathtubs, short toilets, small sinks, or tight showers.  Buyers think of bathrooms as a place to unwind. 9. Stained and worn wall-to-wall carpets in rooms and especially on stairs.  Also, linoleum in kitchens.  Buyers prefer hardwood floors everywhere, including kitchens. 10. Track lighting from the 8o’s or newer ceilings with so many recessed lighting spots that they resemble Swiss cheese. 11. Rooms other than kitchen and bathrooms that have ceramic tiled floors.  They may be good in Mediterranean countries and Florida, but in New England they are too cold. 12. Worn or cracked laminate countertops in kitchens. 13. Bold, dated, or dark paint. Notorious among them: avocado green, pink, orange, mustard.  Bad on walls or trims, and bad on tiles, also. 14. Children’s bedrooms with a theme that is overwhelming, and caries through every piece of furniture, carpeting, wallpaper, lights, and curtains. Examples: beach, ballet, auto, sports, safari. 15. Wallpaper, of any kind, but mostly the dark or flowery wall paper.  The buyers will immediately think of the expense or the hard work needed to remove it... 16. Noisy, grinding fan in a bathroom that’s attached to a light switch so it can’t be turned off. 17. Lacquered or high-gloss painted walls. They are expensive to repaint and show all defects. Also faux- and sponge-painted walls are passé. 18. Too many mirrored walls, ceilings, doors, and backsplashes in the same room. One mirror can magnify a room or bring more light if placed well, two or more mirrors make buyers dizzy. 19. Skimpy molding and trim, such as 1-inch baseboards. 20. Gold-colored fixtures in any room. bad room features p bad design bad architecture bad lighting