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Seller’s Costs


There are expenses associated with selling a home. Sometimes first-time-sellers are not expecting these costs, and are surprised.

The seller's costs  vary depending on the sale price,  the size of the home, an the town or city, but here is a rough estimate.


Tax Stamps:  $4.56 for every $1000 in sale price.     They have not been "stamps" in Massachusetts for many years, but the term remains.  It's simply a State Tax.

Income Tax: If you made a profit, IRS will also tax that profit, with some limitation for primary residences: only profits exceeding $250,000 for a single tax-payer, and $500,000 for filing jointly are taxed.  For more details please consult a tax adviser.

Attorney Fees: $600 - 1200 most likely, in our area.    The fees vary by how complicated the transaction is. They will cover negotiating and preparing the P&S (Purchase and Sales Agreement), preparing the deed, etc.

Sales Commission: around 5-6 % of the sale price. The commission is paid to the brokerage firm handling the marketing and sales of your property, who will split it with the firm representing the buyer (your agent will get a fraction).

Condo Docs: $50-$100 per document.   Posible charges from the condo association, depending on the rules, for providing required documents, such as Budgets, Meeting Minutes, Rules $ Regulations, Master Deed, etc.  The buyer will ask to review these documents. The 6(d) Certificate  is required at the closing.

Smoke/Carbon Certificates: $50-$150.   Paid to the local Fire Department who will come and inspect the location and operation of the smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.  The closing cannot take place without these certificates, your Realtor will arrange for the inspections on your behalf.

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