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My Home Value

To estimate the fair market value, the Realtor will create a Market Analysis, in which the subject home is compared to similar properties that were sold recently in the same neighborhood.

An experienced Realtor will also look at similar homes presently on the market, since they are your competition, and  how long these homes have been sitting on the market... and why.

Agents cannot establish the price of a home, and neither can sellers.  The market determines what a home can sell for.  The real value of a home is what a buyer will pay for it.

To evaluate the fair market value of your property, please fill in the form below.

Many  sellers need to gather information about the value of a home long before they are ready to decide if they will sell or not.  I understand that.  If you don't feel comfortable revealing information about yourself,  it's OK .  Just complete the email address so I can contact you with the Market Analysis results.