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Prepare Your Kitchen

It is true what most Realtors say, that kitchens sell homes.  Here are the 3 most important rules for getting your kitchen ready to be seen by buyers:

1. Clean, clean, clean! It is imperative that the kitchen be spotless clean - from the counter top to the inside of the drawers;  from the widow seal to behind the trash can; from the inside of your oven to under your sink.  Buyers want to imagine themselves eating and cooking in that kitchen.  Any spot or crumb of food will turn them off.

2.  De-clutter! We furnish our kitchen for living: easy access to tools, posters that we love, towels handy.   No wonder, since we spend most of our waking hours in the kitchen. But when we show a house, we need to decorate the room for selling.

Empty counters make the room look bigger and  cleaner.   You can use an item or two that will attract the buyer's attention to a specific positive feature of your kitchen, but put away counter-top appliances (toasters, coffee makers), pasta jars, towels, dish drying racks, soap bottles, and sponges.

Here are two examples of kitchens: as they are used everyday, and as they were shown to buyers.  Which version is more attractive?

3. Brighten: remove window shades, curtains, swags, and other barriers to sunlight.  Ambiance and low light may be attractive for other rooms in the house, but most buyers want a happy, bright kitchen.  Replace light bulbs if necessary with brighter ones (energy efficient, of course!). Also: remove water and pet food bowls; remove boots or shoes hanging by the back door; make sure all appliances work (the inspector will test them all); remove any unpleasant odor. And that is all...   your kitchen is  now ready! prepare your kithcen for buyers