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Home Buying Timeline

e time frame of buying a home

time line

How long does it take to buy a home?

In this area, about 6-8 weeks from the time you have an accepted offer.  You need to add to that the time to find the perfect home, and the time to get your offer accepted.

Here is a summary of the main steps in the process:

time line for buying


-Select a Realtor -Obtain Pre-Approval letter -Work with your Realtor to define wants and needs criteria -Visit properties with your Realtor


-Submit Offer, enclose $1000 deposit -Realtor negotiates on your behalf -Offer Accepted

START PROCESS - within 7 days from accepted offer

- Home inspection - buyer pays - Hire Attorney

SET THE DEAL - within 10-14 days from accepted offer

-Attorney reviews Condo Documents, Association Budget -Sign Purchase and Sale Agreement -Additional 5% of sale price due -Select lender, file application

FINANCING - within 30-40 days from accepted offer

-Provide additional documentation to lender, as required -Appraiser visits home and issues report to lender on fair market value of property -Receive unconditional  Mortgage Commitment Letter from lender

FINAL STEPS - 40-60 days from accepted offer

-Schedule transfer of utilities - Schedule Movers - Closing!    🙂 time line for buying step by step